Redmi Note 6 Pro Display – How To Test The combo

Redmi Note 6 Pro Combo Testing

Once you have broken your Redmi Note 6 Pro display, you will certainly need a screen replacement to restore the working condition of your phone. The parts normally available in market are very poor quality and won’t satisfy most customers. If you are just after saving the money, then any part is OK for you but If you want a 100% Pure OEM, Redmi Note 6 Pro Display, then you will need to do some research and spend a justified amount on Original a original combo. If you are looking for 100% Original Redmi Note 6 Pro combo, check it out.

On this page, we are going to show you how you can test Redmi Note 6 Pro display without fixing it in your phone permanently. When you are buying a Redmi Note 6 display online, you might be certainly worried about what If the display you bought is not working?

If you are buying a Redmi Note 6 Pro Display from Touch LCD Baba, rest assured that it is always tested for working first on an actual motherboard of Redmi Note 6 Pro. It simply means that the combo gets tested for 100% working condition before dispatch so there is absolutely no chance of getting a defective or non-working part.

On this page, we want to show the testing process of Redmi Note 6 Pro combo. You can also follow these steps to ensure that display is free from any problems. A Redmi Note 6 Pro Combo should be always tested for working before pasting it in the phone. When you test the combo, you can check it for any problems or brightness issues, color issues and other similar problems. Always take your time to test the part and follow these guidelines while doing so.

Step No. 1

Just for the testing the display, we bought a brand new Redmi Note 6 Pro. This phone will now be used to test each and every display we supply to our customers. If you are looking to buy Redmi Note 6 Pro display, please visit this link.

Redmi Note 6 Pro Box

Step No. 2

In next step, we simply removed the back panel of Redmi Note 6 Pro and now we will keep the phone in the same condition while keeping the back panel safe. So If anyone of you need the original back panel, you can always contact us for the price. Its 100% fresh and brand new coming from the phone itself. Before removing the back panel, make sure to remove the sim outer (Sim Tray) as well.

One thing to note here is remove the back panel slowly as the fingerprint scanner flex cable it attached to the motherboard. If you remove the back panel hurriedly, you might end up breaking the fingerprint scanner flex cable.

Remove Sim Outer Before Removing Back Panel
Redmi Note 6 Pro Phone After Removing Its Back Panel.

Step No. 3

Now you need to remove the cover over the display flex cable. There will be a screw which you need remove first before removing the flip over LCD flex cable. Just like shown in the picture. In first photo, you can see a screw is there which should be unscrewed first. Then you can remove the flip. See both photos carefully.

Screw on the TOP of LCD Flex Cable
Remove the clip from the display jack

Step NO. 4

Now remove Remove Note 5 Pro display flex cable from the motherboard so that you can test a new display there. There is absolutely no need to do anything else. Just remove the Combo flex cable as shown in the photos.

Take Out Display Flex Cable
Take Out Redmi Note 5 Pro Combo Connection from Motherboard.
Remove the Jack From Motherboard

Step No. 5

Now you are ready to test a Redmi Note 6 Pro Combo in your phone. If you need a 100% Original Combo of Redmi Note 6 Pro, you can buy it from our store

The screen replacement we are selling is 100% OEM and guarantee Same colors, brightness, sharpness and perfect touch screen working. This is a new way and we follow same procedure for testing every screen sold to our customers. This way, we can ensure that every Combo we supply to our customers is 100% defect free and perfectly working all the time.

Ready To Test New Redmi Note 6 Pro Display

Step No. 6

Connect New Redmi Note 6 Pro Combo’s flex cable to the motherboard. Please always make sure that the phone is turned off when you are connecting a new display. Also make sure that battery is charged to some extent so that you can test the new screen easily.

Connect New Redmi Note 6 Pro Combo
Connect New Combo’s Flex cable to the motherboard.

Step No. 7

Place the phone in this position and make sure that you DON’T hold the display in your hands. IF YOU HOLD THE DISPLAY IN YOUR HANDS, THE TOUCH SCREEN WILL NOT WORK OR WORK IN A VERY STRANGE MANNER.

Always keep this in mind that you never hold the display in hands. Place the display as shown in the photo below. Please the display on the bubble wrap like like. Now turn the handset on using the side keys.

Turn on the phone using Side Key
Redmi Note 6 Pro Combo Testing

Step No. 8

The handset will fully turn on and now you can test new Redmi Note 6 Pro combo to your satisfaction. You can test the combo in the same way you use your mobile phone. Just make sure to test the Redmi Note 6 Pro combo softly and don’t put pressure on the screen.

The combo is fully turned on and you can test everything. We have taken these photos from an actual testing session inside Touch LCD Baba.

Testing The New Combo

Step No. 9

If you are testing the combo like this, IT WILL NOT WORK BECAUSE YOU ARE HOLDING IT IN HANDS.

Lots of mechanics and customers try to test the combo as shown in the photo below. They hold it in hands it in hands like this and then complain that combo is not working. However It is not the appropriate way to test. So we are just showing this image so you understand that what we mean when we say that don’t hold the combo in your hands.

Redmi Note 6 Pro Combo

If you want to hold the combo in your hands so that you can test it in a convenient way… Do it like this way. Keep a bubble wrap under the display and then you can test it.

Testing Redmi Note 6 Pro Combo

Every display we send to our customers gets tested in the same way so you can buy with confidence and expect a Combo which is NEVER defective.

Lots of customers are afraid that what will happen If they received a combo which is not working and this is true If the seller is NOT testing the combo. To be very honest, most sellers are supplying the parts as it is because they don’t have a motherboard to test.

Another thing is, It takes quite a lot of investment to buy a new phone and test every piece but when the part is tested, It can never be defective after that. So If you have any such doubts in your mind, but with 100% confidence from Touch LCD Baba. All the parts we sell are also covered by our solid 30 days money back guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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